Three to Free Campaign

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Check the label on your shirt.  Made in Bangladesh.

Check the label on your water bottle.  Made in China.

In many cases, the goods we buy are made by workers around the world who are exploited by their employers.  Companies exploit their workers to sell goods at cheaper prices, and consumers support the exploitation through purchasing the goods.  Many farms grossly overwork their employees in order to sell the cheapest produce at the grocery store, and many factory managers mistreat their employees so they can sell the cheapest shirts at the mall.

At the Center for Justice and Reconciliation, we urge you to look for better ways to buy and not let low prices be the sole reason for your purchasing choices.  Don’t be content purchasing from a company that exploits its workers.  Buy smarter and be good stewards.

PLNU takes stewardship seriously, so we’re changing up how we do things.  Two years ago, students voted on a “Fair Trade Fund” to help the university become more mindful about its purchases.  Students agree to pay $3 every semester to improve PLNU’s purchasing habits.  We want to ensure the food we eat and the products available on campus are made in safe and just working environments.

We’re working hard this make changes.  Look for the “Three to Free” logo all over campus, and please email me at or contact ASB to share what you’d like to see changed around campus.

Three to Free Campaign