Patagonia’s Distribution, Trade and Transport



Distribution/Trade/Transport (Social)


“Yet the depth and breadth of technological innovation of the past few decades shows that we have not lost our most useful gifts; humans are ingenious, adaptive, clever. We also have moral capacity, compassion for life, and an appetite for justice. We now need to more fully engage these gifts to make economic life more socially just and environmentally responsible, and less destructive to nature and the commons that sustain us.”

Taken from Patagonia’s website:


CO2 emissions are 4-7 times less when cargo is shipped by boat instead of by car, or certainly by plain.


This is one of the reasons why Patagonia took a deeper look into their transportation network, and changed their destination port in 2011. Changing from the port of Los Angeles to the Port of Oakland. Their website has this to say about the change


“Expeditors® recently analyzed the results of our port change for the most recent 10-month period. (At the time, we didn’t have a full year’s worth of data.) They found we had saved $324,000 mostly in transloading and transportation costs and reduced our carbon footprint by 135,000 kilos or 31%. In addition, we no longer have to co-mingle loads, and drivers can make the 229-mile trip to Reno in well under 10 hours.”



Patagonia’s Distribution, Trade and Transport

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