Alternative Apparel’s Approach to Production

Alternative Apparel


Production (social)

Alternative Apparel is a clothing company committed to “comfort, simplicity, and a commitment to sustainability.” The company is based out of Los Angeles California, where there marketing headquarters and flagship stores are.

A flagship store is a retailor’s main location- or more specifically, the place where they sell the most goods.


However, Alt. Apparel’s corporate headquarters are located in Georgia.

To talk more specifically about AA’s production, we need to look at what country, said production takes place in. In Alternative’s case, it happens to be Peru. According to the company’s website, the country was chosen due to the availability of “pima cotton” which is said to have originated in the country over 5,000 years ago, and is ideal for t-shirt and other clothing material because of how soft it is. The following was also quoted from their website video:


“Alternative is increasing its line of certified organic and fair trade cotton, staying true to our commitment to sustainability. As a consumer we have a choice to impact many lives, consider where your garment comes from.”

The videos on the website are meant to evoke emotion; a warm feeling passes through us as we watch local Peruvian cotton farmers smile as they work. And from all the sustainable action Alternative claims to take- they have every reason to.

-Dave Nicklas


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