The Workers Behind the Bracelets

The PLNU bookstore sells what are called 31 Bits bracelets that are made by women in Uganda. 31 Bits is a non-profit organization headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA that began about five years ago. Their mission is to use fashion and design to empower people to rise about poverty. I applaud PLNU for supporting a product that is working to empower its workers to live a life that can provide for their families. The way the company works is that the women participate in a five-year program that allows them to make a sustainable income through use of the fashion industry. The women make the jewelry and it then gets sold in places like the PLNU bookstore. The women are treated well, educated, and able to provide for their families.

The 31 Bits website provides the picture and the name for each of the ladies that work with the company. This provides for wonderful transparency and a desire for the women to be known as the ones that are doing the work and in fact helping themselves create a sustainable income. Many people wonder about the every day lives of these women. Oyella Kevin’s story is a great example of a day in the life of one of the workers. Because of the work that she does for 31 Bits, Oyella Kevin is able to provide for her family and the company is sensitive to the time it takes to do so. Oyella Kevin is let off of work with time to be able to cook her family dinner, which is vital aspect of life that many of us usually take for granted. 31Bits treats their workers very well and looks out for their best interest. So it is encouraging that the PLNU bookstore supports the effort of this socially minded company.

Oyella KevinBy: Sarah Parker


The Workers Behind the Bracelets

One thought on “The Workers Behind the Bracelets

  1. mcKensey Wise says:

    How cool that these women are able to use their God-given abilities and passions to support their families and get an education!!!

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