The Hopeful Cynic

By Maggie Jacobs

The word “cynic” has such a negative connotation. People in society who are “cynical” tend to be viewed as negative and not-trusting, but are actively searching for ways to negatively view the world. However, it need not be the case. Why can’t someone be hopeful that a company is great, but still cynical enough to not blindly accept everything these major corporations are saying. This is the experiment we conducted.

Applegate Farms is one of the meat providers for Point Loma Nazarene University. On their website they include pertinent information such as what products they sell, where they source their meat from. Applegate Farms buy their chicken for the Natural Chicken Nuggets served in the school caf from three different states, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Now, while this is not exactly a local source for those of us living in sunny San Diego, so far this seems pretty great. Applegate Farms even claims to have great personal relationships with these organic farmers, and have created and posted videos online that put a face to the farmers raising the chickens.

Acting as a “hopeful cynic,” we could not just accept their claims. So, we went digging. We looked into journal articles for studies that had been done on Applegate Farms, and any scandals that may have come up in the news, to the point where it felt like we were searching in vain to try to find dirt on this company. Until, we found one article titiled, “Deceptions in the Food Industry: Applegate Organic & ‘Natural Meats.’”

Raine Saunders, the author of this article, warns consumers to be cautious when purchasing meat products and to be skeptical of the claims of natural farmers and to not let mainstream food producers fool them with slick marketing and label claims. Saunders used Applegate Farms as a key culprit because they claim to be a more natural choice, but when the ingredients are looked at closer, it becomes plain that their food is just as processed and unnatural as many other products on the market. This is the one article found that gives a negative view of Applegate Farms and places serious allegations against the company and their reputation.




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