Student Movement – JanSport Distribution


In 2005 students attending University of California, Berkley organized a boycott against items manufactured in Burma. Burma has been a major supplier of apparel; the brand Jansport was a part of this supply change. The students lobbied for the removal of products made in Burma from their bookstores, due to evidence exposing dehumanizing labor conditions. Burma reports that garment workers’ wages are as low as 7 cents per hour. After drawing media attention to the issue, the universities decided to pull the goods, and the supplying apparel company (Jansport) requested a return of all its Burmese-made apparel.

An individual student, Ashley Kuntz, did research on her own. She found that the Jansport factories in Lesotho, Africa were exploiting their workers. She revealed that many of the workers obtain work manufacturing Jansport sweatshirts in order to provide for their basic needs. It was noted that most workers make about $58 a month (28 cents per hour) on average of 45 regular hours per week. 



More information at:

Student Movement – JanSport Distribution

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