Jansport makes its Mark at PLNU

Social aspects of Jansport Purchase and Consumption

Jansport and school go hand in hand. Their timeless backpacks are used by elementary students and college students alike. Although Jansport got its start from backpacks, it eventually evolved into a company carrying many more school related items, such as collegiate apparel.

jansport sweatshirt
Jansport is the PLNU bookstore’s second most popular brand. The bookstore sells Jansport t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as the traditional Jansport backpacks.  Like most collegiate apparel, the bookstore’s Jansport apparel is not socially attributed to any particular on-campus group, but is worn by the students, faculty, alumni, and family of students. Sporting Point Loma apparel is a great way to demonstrate school pride. Perhaps at some schools wearing collegiate apparel is the trademark of a certain group of people at the school, but at PLNU, nearly everyone wears the sweatshirts. Since PLNU is free of fraternities and sororities, the basic Jansport PLNU apparel is worn by almost everyone, whereas students at schools with many on-campus groups might rather purchase their particular group’s sweatshirts rather than basic university apparel.
Although fewer students wear Jansport apparel than wear Champion apparel, Jansport still makes its mark on the PLNU campus.

Written by: Audrey Hiatt


Jansport makes its Mark at PLNU

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