Students love Champion

Social aspects of Champion Purchase and Consumption

Champion sweatshirts are the PLNU bookstore’s top-selling item. One look around campus and it’s no surprise why—everyone wears PLNU sweatshirts. This university apparel trend, however, isn’t only happening at PLNU. It’s happening at universities all over the country.
According to a PLNU freshman, the first thing she did after moving into her dorm was spend a small fortune in the bookstore stocking up on college apparel. Champion PLNU sweatshirts aren’t markers of any one particular on-campus group, but instead are worn around campus by almost everyone.

According to Champion’s president of retail active wear, Nadine Hall, during Hanesbrands 2014 investor’s day, Champion is the “market share leader in the college bookstore channel.” Colleges everywhere, from the largest Division one universities to institutions of only a couple thousand students rely on Champion for their university apparel.
College students aren’t Champion’s only collegiate apparel consumers—the gear is worn by proud parents, grandparents, alumni, and PLNU enthusiasts too. Although the PLNU bookstore’s supply of Champion wear is limited to t-shirts and sweatshirts, Champion has a much larger place in the market with a wide variety of active wear apparel sold at most major department stores across the country.

Written by: Audrey Hiatt

Students love Champion

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