Nike’s Global Social Impact

By: Jenna DeWalt

Nike is doing an incredible job focusing on social impact within developing nations. They have focused heavily on creating, maintaining and exceeding ethical business practices among communities where their factories for production are located. However, what about the communities where Nike sells its products? Which, is hard to define because Nike sells all over the world. Point Loma Nazarene University chooses Nike for providing all of its sports gear. Is that a good idea? We are specifically looking at baseball cleats, but we want to make sure that the social impact of choosing to represent Nike is positive.

Here’s what Nike does around theworld:

–   The Nike Foundations: Girl Effect – All over Africa

–   Students Run LA – Los Angeles

–   Let Me Play – China

–   Magic Bus – India

–   Grassroots Soccer/Nike(RED) – Zimbabwe

–   Homeless World Cup – All over the world

–   Sports for Social Change Network – south Africa, East Africa, Brazil, UK, US

I know that the purchase and wearing of Nike baseball cleats seems like a minute detail. But despite what Nike still needs to work on, they are doing a lot of really cool things! And by being regular consumers of their products we are openly showing that we support the good that they are working toward in the world. In my opinion, I think that Point Loma Nazarene University should continue to be consumers of Nike products for their athletic teams. Nike may still have many improvements to make, but overall, they are working toward becoming a better company through becoming better stewards of this earth and its resources, as well as changing social policy and improving the standards in which they compensate employees. Again, I cannot deny that there is much progress to be made, but they are actively working toward becoming the best, and that should be the type of company that consumers are excited about investing in and supporting.


Nike’s Global Social Impact

4 thoughts on “Nike’s Global Social Impact

  1. This was great to read Jenna. I know some executives at Nike and I know they take this very seriously. Makes me feel better choosing their products. Great article.

  2. Michelle Ahlberg says:

    It’s awesome that a global company like Nike can make a positive economic difference in countries all around the world, and I’m all for supporting the charitable side of businesses. Is Nike the only company that has global outreach programs?

  3. Diane Sausedo says:

    I like that you mentioned that Nike is attempting to be better stewards of this earth. That is something that I have not thought about too much, when purchasing sportswear. I now realize that I don’t know too much about brand names or good reasons to support or boycott brand name products. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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