Marketing Mate: Buzz and Appeal for the Mate Product


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Jonathan Esparza

Economic side of Distribution- Guayaki

Guayakí Yerba Mate is a one of a kind product that has rapidly growing its market share abroad since it first began selling mate internationally. The company captures the demand of the North American audience by marketing its product through targeting the US market utilizing New Age names for its products (such as Pure Mind, and Empowering Mint) targeting its broad base of caffeine lovers and health conscious consumers. Guayakí is also a proud member of the Fair Trade Organization, and markets its mission of drawing consumers with its logo, as well as with its B Corporation Certification that shows its commitment to work directly with growers in creating “economic models that drive rainforest restoration and paying a living wage.”

One amazing aspect of Guayakí is that it embraces being a one of its kind of company with a growth model that pursues the triple bottom line. Guayakí chooses to establish itself as a global brand that is profitable, sustainable, and empowering to its employees through implementing its Market Driven Restoration Model. This model not only focuses on empowering the local community, but also, through replanting its forests and allowing the soil of deforested areas to heal and become arable again. By expanding the forests, not only do they help restore the environment that has been degraded and uncared for, but also allows for the development of future growth in growing more mate for their products. The more forest that is preserved and restored in the region, the more mate can be grown and collected by local communities, thus Guayakí works aligns itself with the community’s best interests for the land by maximizing profits through sustainably caring for their environment.

Guayakí has already made headway into reaching their goal in the economic empowerment of the region. As stated on its website, their goal is to restore “200,000 acres of South American rainforest and create over 1,000 living wage jobs by 2020”. As of 2013, they have achieved restoring 40,000 acres of rainforest to the region, and have added over 150 new jobs. As the company matures, Guayakí has the potential to both serve mate to the whole world and improve the welfare of local indigenous communities at the same time.



Marketing Mate: Buzz and Appeal for the Mate Product

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