JanSport Economic Commercialization/Consumption

Ryley Johnson

JanSport lists on its website several ways that they are compliant with regulations put in place by the Ca Transparency Act. JanSport is owned by VF Corporation and they say that with their help they asses, monitor, and improve working conditions through all of their production areas throughout their production cycle. The entire garment district has been under quite a bit of pressure to insure ethical working standards for production over seas.
With this increased concern over the ethical practices of these companies it is very smart to advertise to the public how good they are doing in this aspect. It is very likely that if people know that JanSport is more focussed on providing good working standards for their employees they are going to be more likely to purchase their products. This has a potential to create a very large increase in demand as this area has become more popular among the general public.

JanSport Economic Commercialization/Consumption

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