Hey! Where’d you get that sweatshirt?

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Have you ever purchased a sweatshirt at the PLNU bookstore? If so, when you put on that piece of clothing do you ever think of where it came from? How it was made?

It is so easy for us to push those questions to the back of our minds, because at times the answers are difficult to process and I mean, come on, it’s just a sweatshirt, right?

The thing is, it is so much more than that…

Our sweatshirts are “Champion” brand; Champion is a branch of an even better known brand, Hanes. According to the Hanesbrands Assessment For Accreditation (2009), Hanes (Champion) has over 358 factories worldwide. These factories are scattered all across the globe: from Haiti to the Dominican Republic to Thailand and Sri Lanka. There are real people working in labor conditions that may or may not be degrading, in order to produce what we consumers demand. 

Hanes (including their Champion branch) has accepted the terms of the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010. This act “compels companies that meet certain threshold requirements to disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains.” This disclosed information now provides consumers with crucial information that may sway which company they buy from. My challenge to you is: next time you go to purchase something, check online to see if they are a part of the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act. 

According to the CEO’s of Hanes, “HanesBrands regularly performs geographic evaluations of its supply chain to evaluate the risk of noncompliance in slavery, human trafficking and other human rights and labor issues.” Hanes has also adopted the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production program (WRAP). 

Hey! Where’d you get that sweatshirt?

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