From Uganda to the United States

Information about how products are transported from one country to another is difficult to come by, especially how the people involved in the process are treated. 31 Bits is a company that empowers women through selling their hand made jewelry in the fashion industry in the U.S and other places. But how does the jewelry get from Uganda, the country where the jewelry is made, to the United States and then to the hands of consumers?  And then how did it get to the PLNU bookstore?

31 Bits uses a freight-forwarding company called PAX Transport that is operated through FedEx. This is important information, but how does PAX Transport treat their employees? On the PAX website, there is a page on the legal terms and conditions. This page states the company’s commitment to follow through on all transactions with due care. A really important aspect of PAX Transport that speaks highly of their character is that they commit to transparency in any information that is asked of the company. Furthermore, PAX Transport has a social responsibility page in which they claim to care about the health and safety of their employees. This is an important page to have, but doesn’t necessarily mean that they follow through completely. Many companies have this page and yet do not live up to what we might expect “health and safety” of the employees to mean. So the company appears to do well, but I cannot claim that I know how they treat the people that work for them. There are no red flags, but there is nothing that stands out much either. Much more research and conversations with those in charge would need to be done if I wanted to find out exactly what happens behind the scenes of companies like these.

31 Bits is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA. All the products are shipped there and then dispersed to the different retail locations including PLNU. The PLNU bookstore manager said that PLNU gets the jewelry directly from 31 Bits Designs out of Newport Beach. (The address for the headquarters is in Costa Mesa, but the mailing address is Newport Beach).  The laws in the United States help ensure that workers are being paid fairly, so the transportation from Newport Beach to Point Loma is not much of a concern. The focus is on PAX Transport and needing to learn more about how they operate.

PAX Transport

By: Sarah Parker

From Uganda to the United States

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