Applegate Farms Cares

By Maggie Jacobs

Applegate Farms is a corporation with strong convictions. Not only do they stand by these convictions with their own practices with the foods they produce and the farms that they partner with, but they also actively reach out to activists fighting for a cause. One of these such projects that they supported was the film, Lunch Line.

The documentary Lunch Line takes a new look at the school lunch program by exploring its past, its current challenges, and its opportunities for the future. In the film, leaders from all sides of the school food debate weigh in on the program and discuss ways to continue nourishing America’s children. The film follows six kids from one of the toughest neighborhoods in Chicago as they set out to fix school lunch and their journey where they end up at the White House. Lunch Line illustrates that, while the National School Lunch Program has become an easy target for critics, the program has a unique capacity for addressing child welfare, the public good, and the problem of hunger.

This film is pertinent because Applegate Farms was one of the supporters and contributors in making and financing the film. Applegate Farms’ serious interest in social matters and care for the health practices in this country are shown through their support of this film, proving that they are not just empty words. This company is actively seeking to better the country and the world and cares about healthier lifestyles and not just about profits.

Applegate Farms Cares

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