Applegate Farms and Their Many Friends

By Maggie Jacobs

Applegate Farms claims to be a company that has high values and sticks to them. This would mean nothing if they were only self proclaimed to source from organic farms and be against using antibiotics in foods, but in fact many other sources support these claims. Forbes published an article on the increasing trend of Americans wanting the government to step in and act on behalf of them against antibiotics in the nation’s meat. The article goes on to discuss the issue of the new “superbugs” that are evolving to be resistant to the antibiotics, creating bacteria that will be harder to kill. Applegate Farms is cited in this article as one of the few producers of antibiotic-free meats and cheeses who initiated a poll as part of Citizens Against Superbugs, which is a public awareness campaign condemning the non-therapeutic use in animals of antimicrobial drugs meant to treat humans. This information attests to the character and integrity of Applegate Farms. As well as, gives witness to the social efforts the company is taking against harmful farming practices.

This article was written by a freelance writer who reported on the “Sustainability Marketing: The Power of True Stories” conference that took place on November 20, 2014. The author wrote that as questions began to arise that no one seemed to have the answers to, the CEO of Applegate Farms chimed in. Stephen McDonnell offered a soaring note of optimism: “I firmly believe that this is the greatest country in the world for innovation, but we’re lacking a consciousness. As we add consciousness to our innovation, then we’ll get somewhere very different from where we are today.” The author commented on how McDonnell shined a light on the need for conscious innovation, and how he even credited the companies present in the room for planting the seeds of this transformation. This article calls attention to the amazing character of the CEO of Applegate Farms.

This article focuses on lunch meats besides turkey that are quick and easy to use in a sandwich and that are nutritious. The author notes that meat makers are finally delivering less-processed, low-fat, lower-sodium meats. Applegate Farms is noted for having Antibiotic-Free Roast Beef and Niman Ranch Nitrite-Free Applewood-Smoked Ham. The article describes Applegate farms as a 100% antibiotic-free company, and a leader in the food industry. This article reasserts the claims that Applegate farms makes on its website while reassuring consumers of the quality of the product.

Mark Peters wrote this article with the concern that the Farm Belt is not going organic fast enough to keep up with surging consumer demand. He suggests that this is forcing makers of organic foods from milk to deli meats to look abroad for key commodities while struggling to recruit skeptical farmers at home. In this article, Peters quotes, Christopher Ely, co-founder of Applegate Farms saying that the industry needs to be careful as it grows not to be too narrow in its approach and risk becoming elitist. Ely suspects some of his suppliers may import animal feed, but trusts the system in place to ensure it meets organic standards. “Some are squeezing organic so hard because of their love for it that they may suffocate it,” Mr. Ely said. “We need to continue to allow organic to be something that’s reachable for everybody.” This article shows Applegate Farms’ view of organic farming and belief that it should be attainable for everyone. This knowledge gives insight into the company and reassures that they stick to their values.

Applegate Farms and Their Many Friends

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