Dove Apparel Nursing Uniforms: Commercialization/Consumption (Economic)

Blog #6 Benjamin Maiava. When looking at Dove Apparel, the company does not appear to be a company that spends a lot on advertising and promotions. The company made around $2.7 million dollars in 2007. They have a very basic line of uniforms which seem to be doing well especially if they are supplying uniforms to over 200 nursing school programs across the country. I believe many of the customers or schools that Dove attracts are not through any type of media but actually in person. In 2003 PLNU purchased its first nursing uniforms from Dove. The Dean of the Nursing School Dottie Crummy made the decision to change after seeing Dove at many nursing conferences. I think the success of Dove is through the idea of having the mind set to be the right fit for a university’s program and cater to them. The way that Dove markets its product is basic and is not done in a way in which today’s world would normally do things. There are no commercials or ads on Youtube. A few in Nursing Publications but that’s it. They are very limited with where they post ads. Dove seems to have a tight grip on the market because of the lack of competition within the industry. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken. Dove as a company probably spends the most money on marketing through the nursing conferences and fairs that it attends. Setting up as a vendor during these events are convenient and the most direct way for them to deal with their existing customers and even gain potential ones.

I tried seeing if it what possible to buy a uniform as an individual customer. If you go to purchase a uniform from their site you are not able to without having your universities code to move further on the purchasing process. This is ideal because the company is receiving bulk orders annually from each of its customers. There will always be a demand for nursing uniforms as long as there are nursing programs that require them. The demand does not stop and it seems that their supply doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. With the idea of consumption, the company doesn’t seem to be pushing for more purchases. They seem to have a steady amount of revenue coming in each year. With the amount of marketing they do, it doesn’t seem that they are desperate for more revenue as most companies seem to be. The fact that the company  doesn’t spend a lot of money through marketing plans and advertising, they have the opportunity to put profit back into the products ensuring that they produce reliable and quality uniforms.

I really like the way they do things and I think at this point in their healthcare industry regarding uniforms, their reputation is what draws in new customers and keeps the regulars coming back for more. I think the company has even more room to grow and expand due the company being bought out by Revolution Capital Group. The a private investment firm that is, “…focused on acquiring and operating companies for long term growth and value creation in the middle market.” Having been bought by Revolution, it just goes to show Dove has great potential in its market and is going in a direction where its efficient and productive.

Dove Apparel Nursing Uniforms: Commercialization/Consumption (Economic)

2 thoughts on “Dove Apparel Nursing Uniforms: Commercialization/Consumption (Economic)

  1. Laura DeMarquette says:

    I experienced this issue you are referencing about buying in bulk Ben. I really needed a new nursing uniform and tried to go through Dove. There was really no way for me to purchase an individual uniform. I understand that they make a lot more money off of bulk orders, but this was very inconvenient to me at a time when I really needed new scrubs for clinical. I think you are right that this company makes people buy in bulk because they can, not sure if that is right or just business.

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