Dove Apparel Nursing Uniforms: Production (Social)

Blog #1 Benjamin Maiava. Dove apparel has been providing uniforms to student nurses across the United States for over 25 years. Dove Apparel is a San Diego based company that seems to be doing well and is continuing to supply many nursing students at colleges and universities around the United States.

While the company does not state where they get their uniforms from exactly, the Dove Apparel do appear to have a positive system set up for their employees. They state on their website that they provide many benefits for the sewing workers. They state, “ Workers are paid a fair wage, work regular hours with breaks, and receive benefits.” Dove and its sewing partners are annually licensed by the California Department of Labor. Not only does Dove provide for the sewing workers but they also state that Dove employees receive 100% paid medical/insurance along with many more benefits.

So Dove clearly looks after those who are working for them in their offices and manufacturing facilities but does it treat everyone the same way? Does Dove care about the standards or working conditions in which they are sourcing their material? That’s a big issue considering Dove does not state where they receive or source their materials. As much as I would like to believe Dove is hiding a few skeletons in their factories, they are advertised on the website as being “certified as Green Business.” To be certified, many aspects which Dove must be doing to follow requirements seem to fit including being, “Socially equitable and committed to extraordinary practices that benefit workers, customers, communities, and the environment.” Looking at the other 4 actions to become certified Dove seems to be following following through with them. There is only one thing that makes me skeptical about Dove creating a positive social change and that is a simple seal which is not on their website. Even though it may just be that Dove hasn’t updated its online site, I feel that having Green America’s seal on the website would provide even more substance to show that they are indeed a company that does business that is “value-driven.” The seal that is said to show a sign of a “Certified Business” is no where to be found on Dove’s website which makes me think that they may not be up to date the standards and qualifications that are need to be a “certified business” according the Green America even though they appear to fit the mold.

Even though I don’t know exactly what Dove is doing as a company I can’t speculate that they are doing unethical practices within their company. I think overall choosing Dove as the provider for PLNU is the right decision especially when many other similar companies fail to even acknowledge their employees and factory workers.


Dove Apparel Nursing Uniforms: Production (Social)

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